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5 Questions with Walshy Fire

Published:Thursday | September 14, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small
Major Lazer's Walshy Fire

Walshy Fire of Major Lazer has put on blazing performances and produced scorching tracks.Today, he gives The Gleaner a peep into his creative mind.

1: Is there a secret to retaining enough energy to tour as extensively and tirelessly as Major Lazer does?

WalshyThe secret... I don't think is a secret. You have to keep yourself healthy. No drinking, no smoking, no staying up late, no eating late, eating healthy, making sure that you do some form of exercise. As well as mentally doing things that give you growth, like reading. Most importantly, enjoying the environment of where you are. If you have less than 24hours in a place, you become a very good 24hour tourist. That travelling and experiencing culture is extremely healthy.

2. : Name the top three most exotic, 'out of this world' locations you've visited on tour with Major Lazer.

Walshy: Three, would be Tahiti. Two would be Uganda. And one would be Jamaica. Cyaa lef' out da place deh. Ow yuh mean?

3: How do you squeeze in family and friends amidst all the work, with Major Lazer and as a standalone producer?

Walshy: Make it work. Delegate- that's actually the answer. You delegate. You hire people who can handle the job and are dedicated and passionate about the work and seeing the vision. So to anyone out there who finds themselves in a situation a little bit like this, don't be greedy and keep all the money to yourself. You'll never advance. Hire somebody, so you can begin to grow and work on other projects, and of course, spend time with your family.

4: Are there any oddities or idiosyncrasies you have that annoy your compadres on the road?

Walshy: No, nothing. All is good. Everybody is respectful, patient and humble, so nah. None.

5: What are you watching Netflix right now?

Walshy: Everybody needs to stop watching Netflix and focus on work. Focus on what you need to do to help your family and to advance your community. I know that sounds like, 'man, don't you need a little down time to watch something?' Of course you do, but I wouldn't promote that in an article. I watch a programme or two, just to entertain myself. I do enjoy good acting, I do enjoy good cinematography and well-written script. But I wouldn't promote that in this article, because Netflix nuh do nuh schoolbook drive. Netflix nuh do nuh give back to the community. Netflix has not done a Hurricane Irma charity event. So when I see Netflix in Jamaica or in the ghettos across America doing something, then we will promote them.