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5 questions with Cherine Anderson

Published:Sunday | July 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer
Cherine Anderson

Cherine Anderson uses the word 'fluid' to describe her journey from the entertainment industry to managing a business.

Anderson started out as an actress while still a teenager in Dancehall Queen (1997) and One Love (2003), then toured the world as a singer-songwriter. Her work has been featured on Grammy-nominated albums and has topped charts. However, a career in real estate had been calling. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in film and Japanese and was busy acting as a co-founder of the Reach One Child (ROC) Foundation, but she became a licensed realtor and now serves on the Membership and Benefits Committee of the Realtors Association of Jamaica.

However, the Haffi Come Back singer is still very much in tune with the entertainment industry. In fact, Anderson is looking forward to the release of her musical project with Bulby York, who worked on the 2016 single Moola, while preparing to launch My Power Living Ltd - her real estate, marketing and consulting company.

1. How has My Power Living been doing since its launch in 2016?

The best part about My Power Living is that it has given me the opportunity to pursue two things I was always passionate about - entrepreneurship and real estate. I have a very specific vision for the new business venture - a key component is the education and empowerment of people to better understand what and how to make one of the largest investments in their lives. We have launched both sold-out public and exclusive workshops, the online shows Power Living and Power Tips, and it has also allowed me to author my first e-book How to Buy an Apartment or Condo in Jamaica. It has seen a steady growth, and we are taking the time to build it right.

2. Do you encourage female artistes to have a backup career based on the level of difficulty they face in the industry?

If you have the gift of music, acting, writing, producing, or other non-entertainment talents and skills, it's important to develop them. Both male and female artistes, I encourage to have multiple income streams. Be sure to explore all your God-given gifts because you only get one life. That just makes good sense to me.

3. Are you transitioning to more spiritual or gospel music?

No, I'm not transitioning. Music, to me, is one of the best platforms for telling important stories that impact culture - [to] start conversations, as well as inspire and connect people. Since the start of my career, I have written and recorded songs in multiple genres - pop, rock, reggae and dancehall - but I have not done a gospel song. Of course, I respect the artistes who have, and I would never say never.

4. How have you been able to balance all your professions as an entertainer, realtor and mentor through the ROC Foundation?

Where possible, I find ways to make both businesses connect, creating what I prefer to call 'harmony'. One of my goals as an entrepreneur is to have a business [in real estate] that can operate without me physically working in it every day. What if I got married or became pregnant tomorrow and took time off to have a family? My business should not be crippled. That's why I am taking time to develop and implement systems as well as procedures that can even outlast me. It's about working smart and strategic, and I'm choosing to also exercise a lot of patience because I've got time.

As for the music industry, it has changed. Wearing two hats does not give me a chance to sit down and get nostalgic about what used to be or be romantic about who or what is the new hot thing. At the end of the day, it's a business. I am still with the same team of talented musicians and being guided by my manager and foundation partner Patrick Lindsay, who truly knows his stuff. The focus is on different markets and doing music in a way that makes me still feel passionate, but still makes good business sense.

5. What is one experience that reminds you to stay focused?

I don't have one experience, but I have learnt over the years to stay on the high road and not to focus on the negatives. Some of my guiding principles are self-confidence, consistency, and humility in all I endeavour to do. In addition, helping others who may need a little motivation or inspiration to get going pushes me. Having faith in God's word also helps me navigate many life and business challenges.