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Track Starr ain't playing with new-found fame

Published:Thursday | August 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer
New York-based producer and recording artiste Emilio ‘Track Starr’ Bowens.
A career in the music entertainment industry was not part of the plan Track Starr's mom had for him.

New York-based producer and recording artiste Emilio 'Track Starr' Bowens has been floating around the hip hop and dancehall faternity for some time, dropping singles, remixes, or freestyle projects that have garnered the attention of major labels such as Universal Music Group (UMG). However, the music and entertainment industry was never part of the plan his mother had in mind for him.

He remembers writing lyrics to make complete tracks in a book that his mother tore to pieces, and in defying her, continued to freestyle rap lyrics. He had to earn her support for his musical career.

After Track Starr unleashed projects with one of Colombia's leading reggaeton singers, Karol G and Grammy Award-winning Shaggy titled Tu Pum Pum and the production with Hood Celebrityy, Walking Trophy, she has finally come on board, giving in 100 per cent.




"For me, the transition into music was natural, but it was probably challenging as I was brought up in a Christian home, and more over, one that expected me to find what you would call a 'stable' career like nursing - which is what my mother wanted me to do," Track Starr told The Gleaner.

Track Star's introduction to music production was in his early teens during a voicing session for Donovan 'Don Corleone' Bennett. But he migrated to the United States shortly after, and nothing became of it.

In New York, he was exposed to the rap/hip hop culture where underground recording artistes often requested his help with creating rhythms and writing lyrics.

Track Starr's signature, "I ain't playing witchya" which can be heard in all his productions, acts as a philosophy for his music and life. "I don't plan to quit because there is a lot to prove. But in terms of creating the next hit, it is not my focus - the singles with Karol G and Hood Celebrity came organically," said Track Starr.

His take on the dancehall/reggaeton classic on which he is featured under the stage name El Capitaan, has attracted over 40 million views on YouTube since March. Although songwriting has taken a back seat to music production and engineering, he still finds himself playing the role of recording artiste every now and again.

"Different markets call for different sides of my work," he said. "My productions have opened many doors for the label - Track Starr Music Group - and to be seen as having diverse or cross-over style, that is an accomplishment."

Although Track Starr speaks of being a one-man team, he is working with up-and-coming artistes locally and abroad. He is currently bouncing ideas off a team of internationally acclaimed artistes - including Sean Paul and Charly Blacks - in hopes of producing award-standard music.