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April 7 funeral for Bunny Wailer’s brother Carlton Livingston

Published:Thursday | March 30, 2023 | 12:46 AM
Bunny Wailer performing at the Caribbean Love Now Benefit Concert in 2017. He had named his brother, Carlton Livingston, as the co-executor of his estate.
Bunny Wailer performing at the Caribbean Love Now Benefit Concert in 2017. He had named his brother, Carlton Livingston, as the co-executor of his estate.

Carlton Livingston, the older brother of reggae icon, Neville ‘Bunny Wailer’ Livingston, will be laid to rest on April 7 at Grace Lawn, New Castle in Delaware, USA, following a service at the Ezlon Fair Baptist Church, Wilmington, also in Delaware.

Carlton, 77, passed away in Newark on March 23, two days prior to his March 25 birthday, and two years after his brother Bunny Wailer’s death on March 2, 2021. He had been undergoing treatment for what the family said in a press release was “a long illness”.

Carlton, who was surrounded by his wife and family, had migrated to the US in March 1966, and after retiring there, he spent an extended time in Jamaica as an entrepreneur managing his brother Bunny Wailer’s music career and various real estate developments.

His younger sister, Donna Carradice, made the announcement of his passing last week on social media.

“Carlton Livingston, the first son of Thaddeus Livingston and elder brother of Neville Livingston transitioned today. It’s a solemn and memorable time for family and friends who loved and depended on his caring and skilful service to and for all and sundry. The man in and of the street headquartered for years at the Red Hills Road Plaza running tings!” Carradice wrote.

She added, “He ran tings for Bunny all their lives together, defending him as a youth and managing him as a Solomonic Wailer! Call Carl was Bunny’s calling card for family, friends and business.”

He had been named the co-executor of his brother’s estate upon Bunny Wailer’s death in 2021; however, a family spat saw efforts being made to relieve Carlton of that responsibility. An affidavit filed in the Probate Section of the Supreme Court in August of 2021 showed that the other co-executor was seeking to have Carlton Livingston removed from that position.

He had confirmed the court proceedings to The Gleaner.

Carradice also referenced the relationship between Carlton and his stepbrother Bob Marley. Their father, Thaddeus Livingston, was in a relationship with Marley’s mother and their union produced a daughter.

“Bob’s job at Chrysler was gotten by Carl, who worked there in Delaware. Much history about the Wailers, he was knowledgeable of that [which] enriched the musical brotherhood of Bob and Bunny under the fatherhood of Thaddeus,” she said.

Carradice, in concluding her post, stated, “We salute Carlton Livingston for his life of human service as the testimonies of lifelong friends and companions begin to pour in and overflow as a great big cushion for his loved ones in this time of physical separation and grief.”

Carlton Livingston is survived by his widow Mary; children, Derrick, Dennis, and Roxanne; 12 grandchildren and four great grandchildren; 10 sisters and one brother; nieces, nephews, and cousins; two sister-in-laws and one brother-in-law.