Fri | Apr 19, 2024

GenXS expands to Trinidad with TRIBE partnership

Published:Saturday | February 24, 2024 | 12:05 AM
The GenXS Carnival cart was road-ready, making its debut at Trinidad carnival 2024.
The GenXS Carnival cart was road-ready, making its debut at Trinidad carnival 2024.

GenXS Carnival is expanding into Trinidad carnival 2024 through a partnership with one of the largest Trinidadian carnival band, TRIBE. This year, GenXS Jamaica carnival made its debut in Trinidad as a marketer/partner for the Jumbie section in TRIBE, designed by long-time GenXS costume designer David Dewar, who has worked on several GenX and GenXS costume projects in the past.

“We’re excited to extend our presence to Trinidad carnival, the Mecca of Caribbean Carnival culture,” says Kino Johnson, director of GenXS. “Partnering with TRIBE marks a major milestone in our journey and global reach. Our GenXSers were warmly welcomed in fetes, and experienced mas with TRIBE for two days in the streets of Port of Spain, for Trinidad carnival 2024. This is a significant realisation for a foreign – Jamaican – band like ours. Also, we proudly included the Rum Stripe brand as part of our cart design and executions, as a demonstration of loyalty and homage.”

TRIBE Carnival offers a variety of carnival experiences, including The Lost Tribe, Rogue, BLISS, Harts, PURE, and two J’ouvert events – Red Ants & MAD J’ouvert.

Tagyei Belinfante, marketing director of GenXS, says this collaboration represents a significant step in GenXS Jamaica’s expansion strategy.

“We see our participation in Trinidad carnival as a natural progression in our mission to grow our brand,” said Belinfante. “Our partnership with TRIBE allowed us to share the unique essence of GenXS Jamaica Carnival with an even broader audience. Witnessing masqueraders who have embraced the GenX and GenXS experience in Miami and Jamaica opting for the GenXS Jumbie section was a moment of immense pride. It underscores the strength of our brand and the loyalty of our masqueraders.”

Looking ahead to Jamaica carnival this year, GenXS is preparing to host a number of events in addition to the GenXS Jamaica Carnival road march, including XS Pumps, GenXS Immortals J’ouvert, XS Street, XS Sunset, and Ocean X.

“We’re proud of our expansion efforts, both regionally and internationally,” added Mala Morrison, managing director of GenXS. “Trinidad carnival is just the beginning of our global journey.”