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Stranger Than Fiction

London is the most haunted city in the UK

Published:Thursday | February 2, 2023 | 8:46 AMBANG Bizarre

A new nationwide poll has revealed that more people in the capital believe that they live in or near a haunted house than anywhere else.

Glasgow was second in the haunted-city stakes and was closely followed by Liverpool and Birmingham. Belfast, Nottingham and Cardiff also featured highly on the haunted list.

The study, which has been commissioned to mark the launch of Netflix's supernatural fantasy series Lockwood and Co., found that one in five (17 per cent) people claim to share their home with a ghost.

Over half (56 per cent) say that it is a friendly presence, but a fifth (20 per cent) think that the spirit is out to do them harm.

To help Brits who want to get rid of unwanted spirits, Netflix is launching the Lockwood and Co. Supernatural Investigation Service – which offers free paranormal investigation to concerned Brits.

Dean Williams, from Spectrum Paranormal Investigations, said: "Lockwood and Co. tells the story of young people fighting off ghosts in an imaginary version of London, but we know – and the research from Netflix has shown – that sensing spirits is a very real and everyday occurrence for Brits.

"So, we're bringing the Lockwood and Co. Experience into real life and offering a few lucky households the chance to experience an investigation for themselves, and learn the techniques from the show, and more."

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