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Photo Flashback: “Miss Jamaica 1964”

Published:Friday | June 9, 2023 | 7:39 AM
Miss Claire Campbell, daughter of Governor General Lady Campbell, hands the scepter to Yvonne Whyte after she crowned her on Saturday, June 6, 1964. In the background are Miss Barbara Beavers (Miss Corporate Area), Gertrude Lennon (Miss Clarendon), and Marjorie McLean (Miss Victor Transport Buses).
A basket of groceries being presented to Yvonne Whyte by Minister of Development and Welfare, Edward Seaga. Behind her is Joan Young third)and at right is Millicent Hinds (second), holding the basket of flowers for the Queen.
Yvonne Whyte (Miss Olympic), after she was crowned Miss Jamaica (Nysaland), was led out on to the dance floor by Acting Prime Minister, Donald Sangster.
Yvonne Whyte, “Miss Olympia,” the 20-year-old beauty who was crowned “Miss Jamaica Beauty Contest, 1964” at the grand finals of the contest, which was held at the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday, June 6, 1964, is placed on the left by Joan Young, “Miss Beacon Newspaper,” who placed third, and on the righ,t Millicent Hinds, “Miss Yellow Cab," the Second prize winner.

There was no question who would be the star of the show once Yvonne White took the stage. The 20-year-old was crowned Miss Jamaica Beaty Contest, which qualified her to represent the country in Nysaland.