Sun | May 19, 2024
Stranger than Fiction

NASA scientists are building human-like robots to explore space

Published:Thursday | September 21, 2023 | 4:40 AMBANG Bizarre

The space agency has teamed up with US tech firm Apptronik on 'Apollo', a humanoid machine that has been developed to complete tasks such as manufacturing.

Space boffins are hopeful that the robots can be adapted to help astronauts living in orbit – as well as on voyages to the moon.

Apptronik said that the robots will be 5ft 8in tall and are initially expected to have a run time of four hours per battery pack.

Shaun Azimi, head of the robotics team at NASA's Johnson Space Centre, said: "By applying NASA's expertise in mobile robots to commercial projects, together we are able to spur innovation in this important field.

"We are proud to see our efforts result in robotic technology that will benefit the American economy and assist in space exploration as well."



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