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Stranger than Fiction

A man was unaware that he had chopsticks wedged in his brain for five months

Published:Thursday | November 30, 2023 | 7:57 AMBANG Bizarre

A 35-year-old male from Vietnam was rushed to hospital after suffering with crippling headaches and a loss of vision but had no idea when he was asked about the possible cause of his symptoms.

Medics at the Cuba Friendship Hospital in the city of Dong Hoi carried out a CT scan to get to the bottom of the matter and came across two broken chopsticks that were penetrating into his skull from the nose.

The man's family believe that the chopsticks made their way up his nose when he was involved in a fight earlier this year.

He was taken to hospital at the time but the sticks were not found.

Doctors performed an endoscopic surgery through his nose to remove them and the man remains in hospital as he recovers.

Dr Nguyen Van Man, head of the department of neurosurgery, said that the case was "very rare".


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