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Photo Flashback: Manning Cup Champion Teams

Published:Friday | December 1, 2023 | 8:01 AM
Members of the Kingston College Manning Cup football team after the November 30, 1967 2-0 victory over Excelsior at the National Stadium. In the replay of the final are (standing from left): Horace Knight, Neville Brown, Junior Higgins, Peter Daniels, Calvin Stewart, Patrick Hector, Jerry Murray. Stooping from left: Errol Gage, Vin Blaine, Denny Campbell, Dennis Smith, Strattan Palmer and John Prescod Jnr (captain).
Members of the Wolmer’s team which won the Manning Cup schoolboy football competition with a 3-0 triumph over Kingston College in a play-off at the National Stadium on November 3, 1971. In front from left: Richard Davey, Cornel Smith, Vermont Samuda, Fitzroy Robinson, Hugh Fisher, Keith Tulloch (captain), Paul Pringle and Karl Largie. Back row from left: Frank Lawrence, Ron Jones (coach), Roderick O’Savio, Warren McLean, Dervan Garvey, Derrick Plummer, Richard Morris (headmaster), Harold Smith and Jeffrey Mordecai.
MANNING CUP SOCCER CHAMPIONS FOR A SECOND YEAR RUNNING WITH THEIR COACH AND HEADMASTER: Shortly after defeating Ardenne 3-0 in the final of the 1979 Manning Cup soccer competition at the National Stadium on November 21, 1979, Camperdown’s take-the-field eleven, and the members of their bench in the pic at top, pose with Coach Jackie Walters (fourth from left, centre row) and headmaster Geoff Brown (fifth from left, back row) for The Gleaner. In the picture above (left to right stooping in front) are Donovan Corcho, Errol Blake, Carlton 'Spider Man' Williams (captain) Kenneth Henry (vice-captain), Peter Cargill and Patrick Dawes. Middle row (left to right) are Peter Trail, Gladstone Heron, Errol Myrie, Coach Walters, Everton Grant, Richard Gordon. Back row (left to right) Peter Hibbert, Michael Brown, headmaster Geoff Brown, Eric Maynard, Delroy Lewis, Mark Salmon and Lloyd Crawford.
The St Andrew Technical team which won the Saturday, November 21, 1987 Manning Cup title by defeating Excelsior High 6-1. (Back row from left) Lebert Halliman (coach), Ricky Fortella, Andrew Hart, Marlon Phillips, Gilroy McCalla, Derrick Johns, Paul Bogle, Astley Miller, Carl Sewell, Christopher Davis, Donald Rose (assistant coach). Front row: Carl Binger, Mark Miller, Milton Harris, Alvin Shaw, Morris Cyrus, Dennis Brown, Roderick Lawrence (captain) and Carl Halliman. In front, goalkeeper Marvin Chin.

Manning Cup matches are highly anticipated every year. These photo flashbacks capture moments of triumph for various teams.  These snapshots immortalise the dedication and skill that define Manning Cup history.