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Jamaica's first drive-in cinema boasts state-of-the-art equipment

Published:Friday | May 24, 2024 | 7:58 AM
THE BOULEVARD, Jamaica's first drive-in cinema situated on Washington Boulevard, opened on Friday, May 6, 1960. Capable of holding 400 cars and 500 pedestrians, the drive-in has a fully equipped self-service cafeteria, a kiddies’ playground with an attendant trained nurse, and a 90- by 60-foot screen.

Jamaica's first drive-in cinema, The Boulevard, opened to the public, offering space for over 400 cars and 500 pedestrians. The venue featured a self-service cafeteria and a modern kiddies' playground with a trained nurse. Built by Jamaica Theatres Ltd, at a cost of over £50,000, the drive-in spans six acres and boasts a 90ft by 60ft screen with state-of-the-art equipment.

Published Thursday May 5, 1960

First drive-in cinema opens tomorrow

JAMAICA'S first drive-in cinema, The Boulevard, opened public tomorrow on the Washington Boulevard. The drive-in has accommodation for over 400 cars and 500 pedestrians.

A fully equipped self-service cafeteria, and a modern kiddies' playground, with a trained nurse in attendance, are among the added features of the drive-in.

Built by a new company in the local cinema business, Jamaica Theatres Ltd, at a cost of over £50,000, The Boulevard is situated on 6 acres of land on the Washington Boulevard.

The screen is 90ft by 60ft and the most modern drive-in equipment has been installed.

The drive-in was designed by Drew Eberson of New York (who also designed the Regal) and was built by General Construction Ct Ltd of Kingston. Construction began almost exactly one year ago.

There will be two shows each weeknight (at 7:00 and 9:15) and one show on Sunday evenings at 8:15.

Manager of the Boulevard is Peter Cargill, former manager of the Carib Theatre.

Directors of Jamaica Theatres Ltd are: Tony Bridge, chairman, David Hew, secretary, Granville deLeon, Bobby Alexander, Vivian Blake, Ivan Levy, Karl Hendrickson, Cecil Lai Fook, Osmond Lee, Victor Chin Loy and Lucien Chen, who promoted the company in 1958.

Films for the drive-in will be supplied by the Palace Amusement Co (1921) Ltd and the A Russell Graham Film Agency.

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