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Photo Flashback: Labour Day, May 1972

Published:Friday | May 24, 2024 | 8:07 AM
Allan Isaacs, Minister of Mining and Natural Resources, making his contribution to the Labour Day work effort on May 23, 1972. Here he is seen working in the Shortwood area of Kingston.
Hugh Shearer (fifth from left) approaching the workers monument at Islington, St Mary, to lay a wreath in honour of the four workers who were killed in labour disturbances in 1938. To Mr Shearer's immediate left is Mr Lascelles Beckford, acting island supervisor of BITU. In front, third from right, is Mr Edwin Allen, M.P. At left, foreground, is Miss Enid Bennett, M.P.
Prime Minister Michael Manley (third from right) digging with his shovel as he helped to load a wheelbarrow with earth at the site of the Harbour View/Palisadoes Road Beautification Project. Mr Manley is flanked by some of the many citizens who worked at the site on May 23, 1972.
Special guests at the Labour Day concert at Jamaica House on May 23, 1972 were Their Excellencies the Governor General, Sir Clifford Campbell and Lady Campbell, seen with host, the Hon Michael Manley.

In May 1972, Jamaica celebrated Labour Day with a renewed focus on community service and national development. The day, traditionally a commemoration of workers' contributions, was transformed into a collective effort to improve local communities. Citizens from all walks of life participated in various projects, including the repair of schools, roads, and public spaces.