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Andrea Wilson-Green dishes out vegetarian ‘cheffings’

Published:Thursday | January 21, 2021 | 12:19 AMKrysta Anderson/Staff Reporter
Ingredients for the Spicy Mushroom Rundown includes coconut milk.
Ingredients for the Spicy Mushroom Rundown includes coconut milk.

Do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life aptly describes Andrea Wilson-Green. Wilson-Green has managed to discover yet another plated passion, dishing out incredibly tasty vegetarian ‘cheffings’.

She got innovative as an executive producer of the annual Sweetart Bake Expo. This entrepreneurial pursuit allowed cake artists to put their talent to the test and hone their natural skills. These days, she has ditched the ‘sweet’ life to take on a more savoury approach to food.

“Back in 2018, when my nephew, who is vegan, had been visiting from the United States, he challenged my spouse and I to not eat meat for 30 days. Well, those 30 days turned into two years and counting,” she said.

Then in 2020, while watching a few YouTubers execute pranks and other activities, she was intrigued by the entertainment value. So she decided to step it up a notch by starting her YouTube channel. There, she shared her vegetarian journey.


“I’m not vegan. I’m a Lacto-vegetarian, which means I eat egg and milk products,” she told Food. Some of her favourite recipes include ackee medley, curry beans and veggies, and ital stew peas. These were mainly created by either eliminating meat altogether or through trial and ‘prosper’.

Recently, she secured a culinary collaboration with Maggi and was excited about the experience. “Maggi and I go way back, as far as 2016. They have been sponsoring my annual cake expo. I have always used their products and even more now that we have that relationship. So it was easy to have them share in this journey with me,” said Wilson-Green. “The team has been very receptive to this new idea and had asked me to prepare five recipes for my channel using their products.”

She hopes to continue spreading the wisdom gained during her vegetarian journey, all while helping those interested in making that healthy transition to do so smoothly, without any reservations. “Being a vegetarian is not so hard, and meals can be inexpensive and easy to prepare,” she added.

As far as her YouTube channel goes, people can expect more great vegetarian recipes and more collaborations, specifically with vegetarian chefs. For your dining pleasure, Wilson-Green has shared her spicy mushroom rundown recipe. Try it for yourself and enjoy.

Spicy Mushroom Rundown


390 grams mushroom

375ml coconut milk

375 grams sweet pepper

1tsp crushed pepper

2 medium onions

3 clove garlic

1 ½tsp thyme leaves


- Sauté mushrooms in a frying pan until brown then remove.

- Sauté seasonings until onion is translucent.

- Add coconut milk and crushed pepper.

- Add sautéed mushrooms.

- Season to taste with Maggi Naturisimo and Vegetable (cube) Seasoning.

- Serve and enjoy.

Food preparation and cooking time: Approximately 15 minutes