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Tesha Miller Trial | Fear of don caused statement discrepancies, says convicted gangster

Published:Friday | November 22, 2019 | 12:16 AMNickoy Wilson/Gleaner Writer

The prosecution’s key witness yesterday explained why elements of his statement to police varied from testimony he gave in court against accused Tesha Miller, who is on trial for allegedly ordering the 2008 murder of then Jamaica Urban Transit Company Chairman Douglas Chambers.

During the proceedings, the witness, a confessed former member of the Spanish Town-based Clansman Gang, also offered words of advice to individuals involved in gang crime.

Responding to questions by a senior deputy director of public prosecutions, the witness explained why he named ‘Blingaz’ as the head of the criminal organisation in his statement to police, which reportedly took over a year to be completed.

“The reason why I gave that statement at that time [is] I didn’t want to expose myself that much. I never gave them my right name, and that is why I said who is the leader of the group. I didn’t want them to have it to say it was me,” he testified.

The witness sought to explain why he said that he only knew Miller for a short time while in court he said he had known Miller for more than 10 years.

“If a member of the Clansman Gang give certain information about the don, we can end up dead. So I try to keep that from police. But mi make up my mind say mi a go come forward and try certain things if I can,” he said in response to a question from the lead prosecutor.


The witness was also asked why he had not mentioned a man identified as ‘Brucky’ in his statement to the police.

In response, he told the court that ‘Brucky’ had already died, and so he did not consider it relevant to offer details about him.

He was also asked why, in response to questions under cross-examination by the defence, he testified that he did not have a family.

“I know I have family out there. Thirteen of them died, so I try my best to stay away from them because the statement that I have given. And I know if I was close to them, I know they can die. That is why I keep away from them and said I don’t have any family,” the witness said.

Meanwhile, though the witness previously testified that he had not been embarrassed about killing people, yesterday he changed tack, expressing remorse.

“I feel sorry [about] the things I have done in the past. I’d like it to stop, so that’s why I came forward and give the systems and testimony in this court. And to all the other young men out there, I’d like them to come forward and serve,” the witness said.

“Find a police or someone they can trust to tell their problems and what they have been through,” added the witness, who is serving time for murder and attempted arson.

Miller is on trial at the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston for accessory before and after the fact to the 2008 murder of Chambers.

The trial continues on Tuesday, following the revelation that presiding judge, Justice Georgiana Fraser, will be unavailable.