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Letter of the Day | JUTC needs to set things right

Published:Saturday | August 1, 2020 | 12:14 AM


I read with much interest the auditor general’s report about the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC). As usual, the report is the equivalent of a post-mortem and not a lifesaving endeavour. If, at a management level, persons are not qualified for their positions as set out by the job requirements, then how can the company be expected to operate efficiently? I would like to ask, is the Ministry of Transport aware of these personnel deficiencies, and is the ministry accepting the status quo?

At a meeting recently, the board did not dispute much of the auditor general’s report but listed excuses, such as that situations have existed over a long period of time. So what has the board done effectively to stop this from spreading? It is good to ask management to enrol in courses at tertiary institutions to qualify for their positions. How will management find the time to do courses when their full-time jobs at JUTC demand much of their time? Also, should persons with qualifications be reviewed, interviewed, and hired for listed positions rather than being hired for years and then given the opportunity to qualify for positions they are being handsomely remunerated for? Since when did carts draw horses? Is this how the chairman operates his personal business?

I noticed that the chairman did not mention anything about the missing fuel. It would seem that the Ministry of Transport and the board have both been negligent in the operations of JUTC. It is time to change the board and dismiss managers who are not qualified for their positions. This is only my honest opinion.

If you had cancer that was metastasising all over your body, would you seek medical advice and treatment from someone who had a high-school diploma, or seek treatment from a recommended oncologist?