Thu | Jul 7, 2022

Readers’ reactions – Challenge against leader of Moore Town Maroons fizzles

Published:Tuesday | May 10, 2022 | 12:06 AM

“Who else see some kind of revolution about to start up by this young lady?”

– @Marcus69_72

“I will forever look to unify all communities and was never been informed of this exercise. There are issues to be resolved within our leadership structure. I will not say much here, but is satisfied with these results. Much love, Chief.”

– @MichaelGrizzle

“The perfect example of learning how to wait [for] your turn.”

– @kingfrith

“Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to take the next step. Kudos for your bravery, little lady. If your intentions are for good, the universe will recycle.”

– @mz_bahseeta

“Good job, young lady! You stepped up to the plate as you know what you want to see happening. I am sure you have learnt something from this and will come back stronger next time around.”

– @mbkhlgfoodie

“That didn’t surprise me. She’s too young!”

– @courtney.spooner.77

“I am proud of her, as she demonstrated the will to attempt what most Jamaicans lack – the courage to even imagine. We must always challenge the parameters put in place by society, to move both society and the human species forward.”

– @huntleymind

“This girl’s strength and bravery needs to be acknowledged. For an 18-year-old to even have the thought, that’s courage! Gather some more experience and do this again. Strength of a woman. I see leadership in you.”

– @valriehumber1

“At 18 years old, there is still a lot more to be seen and learned. Continue gathering support and experience Ms Dillon, another opportunity will present itself.”

– @flourishingarrangements

“Well, she was brave enough to challenge the status quo. Young lady, don’t give up.”

– @elfreedagirl

“The Maroon thing water down.”

– @burrelldwight

“Study to show thyself approved. I humbly suggest you sit at this man’s feet and the feet of other knowledge elders, who can teach you the way to be fully knowledgeable about your own people. Having future plans is great, but knowing about the past is golden. Regroup, recalibrate, study your own people, and let’s go again. Congratulations on your efforts, regardless of outcome; you had a dream.”

– Nackeisha Blake

“Twenty-seven years is too long for one person to be leading any organisation. Keep up your challenge, young lady. Your day will come.”

– Milton Amos

“She should be thinking of going to college, empower herself; and then she can try to oppose him.”

– Karla Walters

“Her name is known; she can put the work in and get it done, if she wants to. After the interview, I realised she needed some time and experience to become a leader. However, it is truly sad that someone can lead for three decades uninterrupted.”

– Teena McClear

“As she says, all the other young people [are] leaving the community because there no hope. Mr Leader, hope you are listening; you and her [should] work together. You both need to see things differently. It needs teamwork to run a community, or a country.”

– Natty Laing

Reactions are from The Gleaner’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.