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Talkback Thursday | Workers have legitimate reasons to strike

Published:Thursday | May 19, 2022 | 12:06 AM

The Gleaner on Tuesday asked its social media followers their thoughts on the recent public sector strikes. Below are their responses.

Many of the workers seem to have legitimate concerns that have not been properly addressed over the years. I don’t know of many actual strikes though.

– @Petchary

I endorse it. We should have the same energy in demanding that leaders step down when they are not performing well. Anju has done his time. This trend could be the commencement of great things for Jamaica.

– @willryanwilson

Jamaicans need to block roads now like 1999.

– @irie__myrie

Bwoy, right now them have to pay me nowadays for my thoughts.

– @carm.engraham

Continue. All working individuals need to do it.

– Stewart H. Smiley

If people are not satisfied and are disgruntled they will react in accordance.

– Paulette Stephenson

I don’t like it. No matter if it’s JLP OR PNP.

– Khutto Daniel

I like it, it’s akin to burning the cane fields to rid the crops of parasites, vermin and leeches, this is done to encourage new growth. This is what we need among the public sector: new ideas, new management, new perspectives, new growth.

– Kaniel Col