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Letter of the Day | Implement strict dress code guidelines for students

Published:Monday | August 15, 2022 | 12:05 AM


In April, there were news reports that a school’s administration has barred their students from entering the compound because of their inappropriate hairstyle, and, on August 11, it was reported, ‘Parents dressing preschool boys in earrings’. It is very astonishing to see the majority of Jamaican young people and adults who are against dress code guidelines. Many have said that the stances taken by some schools to have stricter dress code guidelines are outrageous, inconsiderate, and are going against the rights of students. Stricter dress code guidelines should be endorsed by every institution across Jamaica, for this is one of the ways to bring back the Jamaica we once knew.

Students and adults need to understand that there is a difference between fashion and going to school. School is an institution designed for educating humans – not a place to do modelling. Why should a student then disregard the rules of the school for style?

There are different ways to discipline students, while some may just need to be told, others may have to learn it the hard way, perhaps by locking them out of school.

Young people tend to lose focus easily, so it’s the school’s administration’s responsibility to correct them. When children are given too much freedom, they get carried away. As a result, they find themselves in unfortunate situations. There are teachers who have gone through teacher training are trained in adolescence psychology and education philosophy. Therefore, it’s a part of their duty to guide students accordingly. Their knowledge equips them to educate and guide children, adolescents and youth. With that said, as simple as how wearing earrings and the sporting of different hairstyles may look, principles should be in place to alleviate possible negative effects when children deviate from following rules.

In closing, rules are enforced for a reason. Many teenagers and some young adults won’t understand because they see rules as a form of oppression. Rules are upheld to maintain order, and standard. Nobody wants to administrate a ‘patty shop’ where everyone does whatever they like. That would be a chaotic environment. Even God legislates rules for us to follow, and, although He has given us free will, if we do not follow them, there will be consequences – heaven or hell. The same principle applies in this situation. If children fail to follow the rules, they will have to face the consequences – perhaps a lockout or a suspension.