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Nine-day wonder?

Published:Wednesday | February 1, 2023 | 12:24 AM


One wonders whether the implementation of the New Road Traffic Act set for Wednesday, February 1, and already firmly upon us, will indeed be a nine-day wonder, despite definitive assurances from ministers of government and other persons of repute. I remember vividly the fervour and zeal surrounding the launch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch in 2019. This branch was set up to restore order and public safety and one must commend the hard-working men and women who endeavour to carry out such an arduous task daily.

During the first few days, or even weeks for that matter, these officers were visible and their presence was felt collectively in the towns. Unfortunately, as time went by, their presence and influence waned significantly. While I cannot definitively assert why this has happened, too often in Jamaica many initiatives seem to be a ‘flash in the pan’. Many persons will bemoan the seemingly exorbitant fees attached to some of the fines but the safest way to avoid these is to stay on the right side of the law.

I can almost vehemently postulate that law-abiding citizens all desire to see our roads having some form of order. The challenge now for the authorities is to conduct a sustained campaign that will go beyond the proverbial ‘nine days’ so that our roads will become safe for all Jamaicans and users on daily basis.