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Let’s look out for each other

Published:Thursday | March 23, 2023 | 12:12 AM


It baffles me that in this modern day there is no shame or sense of accountability in public servants, or others who take pleasure in being goaded to do their jobs. There seems to be some bizarre joy in having a photo op of themselves delivering basic supplies - food, water, toiletry to a destitute person whose circumstances were only uncovered by a media report. The irony is that often it was their substantial job to seek out, and take care of, or else prevent through policy execution persons having to live in a substandard way in the first place.

Why must it always be that a person’s desperate situation has to be highlighted in the news media before the responsible office/officer steps in to do his job? Where is the inspector of poor for each parish? Where is the guidance counsellor in the school which impoverished, neglected children are attending? Where is the senior citizens council or office to identify when a senior is too near the edge, or living in dire circumstances? Where are the family members, relatives, the Church, the community social arm of the police for the area?


Where is the office/officer in the education ministry responsible for students with special needs who need an aide , or just need to be placed in a school? Why must parents of children with special needs battle on their own all the way, all the time?

Where is the social welfare office in the hospitals for persons who cannot pay their hospital fees or need help to pay for surgery. We are all about technology now, but how do we ensure that the messages which we blaze on our social media accounts are getting through to our senior citizens who live alone and are not tech-savvy?

If the PM makes a promise to deliver, why does it fall to the media to ensure that it gets done? Mr PM, it is persons like these who confirm the notion that these acts are just a public relations stunt. Persons should not have to fall on hard times to get the help of the State to have the basic needs of food and shelter met. We live in small communities - everyone knows the poor children at school. Someone knows of the dire cases. Why must persons be forced to do it all themselves. That’s why we pay taxes - so that the systems run seamlessly.

One child does exceptionally well at school and every corporate entity and the PM scramble to give that one child and his family several scholarships, gifts and a house. What of the other needy –bright or not so bright – children in that school, or in some deep, rural area? Who looks out for them? Why can’t we all just do what we know we should and stop looking for the limelight to do our jobs?