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Rehabilitate students with violent tendencies

Published:Saturday | December 2, 2023 | 12:06 AM


The recent physical abuse of a teacher by a ninth-grade female student is very disturbing but not surprising. It goes without saying that violence in schools is probably a corollary of the out-of-control violence in our country.

Whereas our political leaders and their advisers will implement strategies to curb violence in schools, desired outcomes of said strategies will be in the long term. Immediate measures should include expulsion and arrest (assault and battery is a criminal offence). Schools are not equipped to deal with violent students and should not attempt rehabilitation.

An alternative school arrangement should also be considered to provide students who act out violently with the rehabilitative support they need. The alternative school setting will hopefully bring about behaviour change and also provide these students with the constitutionally mandated age-appropriate education. A comprehensive remedy will need to include stakeholders to include parents, teachers, and school leaders. The ministers of education, national security, and others have a major task ahead; let’s hope they’ll be equal to said task.


Sandy Bay, Clarendon