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Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | March 1, 2024 | 12:06 AM

JLP distances itself from Warmington’s ‘reprehensible’ comments

He needs to be removed. – @Dougie_DaGoat

Condemning Mr Warmington’s comments is not nearly enough. Nothing short of removing him from the cabinet will suffice. – @Boydsnr

That’s it? They condemn the comments but not the man who made them. We see you. – @SpurClay

Yea, now that you have distanced yourself from the comments made by Warmington, PM must remove him from the cabinet. – @DennisArthurs3

This is next to impossible. He is a member and the minister of works. Only way he can be distanced is if he is removed. – @jamaicanmahal

Word salad, “condemns comments, distance itself from these reprehensible comments, disassociate itself from these comments.” Naw do a thing to him, power more vital. – @WayneWinston8

Get rid of him! He’s deplorable and represents the politricks we hate! – @travismacmillan

How many “reprehensible” deeds and words does it take to be removed as an MP or party member? – @ItarianArthur

The JLP continues to get its PR wrong by being too slow to react especially in Warmington’s case(s), & too slow to explain the facts of him being an elected MP & what that means for any action they can take. Best they can do is expel him from party but cannot remove as MP. – @IrishandChin

You can’t “distance yourself”. This wasn’t a comment made by a random party member. This man sits in the cabinet and can very well carry out his promise quietly. Remove him @AndrewHolnessJM. – @Bertitude

Not just verbal distancing. Time for physical distancing. Fire him from cabinet. – @PocoPoco1023

This is not enough! He needs to be sent home. – @LakeShow1900

Let me guess, next he will ‘urge’ him to stop. – @Abrahamneita

First there was “clarification” now they are “distancing”. They have no intention of removing this man, as I said earlier, anything beyond this point is a desperate save face in light of the removal of Dennis Meadows. – @MutaliskRush

Prime minister of condemnation is back. – @CtrlAltClay

Time for him to retire. – @feifenrir

Condemnation is not enough. Is the JLP so devoid of human capital such that there are entrenched individuals in the cabinet? His seat is untouchable by law, any accountability there must come from him. But the cabinet is decided by the PM. @AndrewHolnessJM Tuffen yuh back! – @NatardoBrown

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s X, formerly Twitter, pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel