Sun | Jun 16, 2024

Corporal Rohan James is a consummate professional

Published:Friday | May 24, 2024 | 12:06 AM
Corporal Rohan James
Corporal Rohan James


Former Police Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James was outstanding, fearless, vastly informed consistently spoke out about the plethora of problems affecting the rank-and-file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). He consistently complained about the situation whereby they were not being paid for overtime work hours. Thankfully, the JCF has implemented a specific system. He also highlighted the need for much more equipment to be provided, such as additional bulletproof vests and more service vehicles for the JCF.

Thankfully, at the recently held Police Federation’s annual conference at Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Police Commissioner Dr Kevin Blake enunciated that he will be moving expeditiously to procure 5,000 bulletproof vests from this year’s $1.6-billion budget which is available for police uniforms. According to a news report on May 22, the commissioner also promised that new uniforms, which will replace the existing red-seam type, will be available within the next four years. This is welcome news coming from the commissioner. I do hope that within the next two years, at least half of the staff complement of the JCF will be assigned body-worn cameras.

Based on his outstanding performance during his tenure as federation chairman, Corporal James did the police force extremely proud and achieved some meaningful achievements for the rank-and-file officers of the force; and I do think that he still can contribute to the force, frankly speaking.

Commissioner Blake should earnestly seek to resolve the outstanding issue surrounding Corporal James and the Police High Command. James as a hard-working, dedicated, professional and well-meaning member of the JCF. Based on the fact that the country has a high crime rate, there should be a meeting between Minister Chang and Senator Bunting to discuss solutions to the high crime rate.

I am certain that Senator Bunting would be willing to outline from his informed perspective what new crime-reduction solutions can be effectively employed to cauterise and significantly reduce all these various categories of crime negatively affecting this country. This crime problem requires cooperation between the JLP and the PNP in order to successfully come up with new solutions to these crimes. The Jamaican people need to give their full support to the JCF and Commissioner Blake.