Tue | Jul 23, 2024

Call for firm leadership in the Jamaica Football Federation

Published:Friday | June 14, 2024 | 12:05 AM


As a passionate follower of Jamaican football, I feel compelled to express my concern over the recent actions and overall conduct of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). The JFF, as the authoritative body governing football in our country, must prioritise the integrity and structure of the federation over public opinion and individual grievances.

The recent controversy involving Leon Bailey highlights a critical moment for the JFF to reaffirm its stance on discipline and administrative authority. His decision to make public his criticisms of the JFF regarding its administration, pitch quality and infrastructure are issues that all players endure, yet the rest of the squad continues to persevere under these conditions without resorting to public dissent in an attempt to malign the federation.

The Reggae Girlz, for example, have been consistent in their performances which resulted in two consecutive appearances at the Women’s World Cup. This, despite having to resort to crowd funding for financial support. At no point did a single member of the women’s team take to the media to drag the federation over coals for what is rightly their entitlement after the successes they’ve given to the country.

It is crucial that the JFF stands firm in its decisions and demonstrates that indiscipline and insubordination will not be tolerated, regardless of a player’s stature or public support. This approach not only maintains order within the team but also upholds the federation’s authority, ensuring that the focus remains on collective success rather than individual discontent.

The decision to exclude Bailey from the Nations League squad was a necessary action to uphold discipline. However, the subsequent confusion regarding his inclusion in the Copa America squad reflects poorly on the JFF’s communication and strategic planning.

The JFF needs to regain credibility and effectively lead Jamaican football, and it must adopt a transparent, professional, and strategic approach to governance. This involves engaging in constructive dialogue with players, addressing their concerns transparently, and ensuring that administrative processes are efficient and consistent.

Our national pride and the future of Jamaican football depend on a federation that is resolute and competent. It is time for the JFF to reinforce its authority, demonstrate clear leadership, and provide the necessary support and infrastructure for our footballers to thrive.