Tue | Jul 23, 2024

Deeply concerned about immorality and violence

Published:Saturday | June 15, 2024 | 12:05 AM


I am deeply concerned about the fact that sexual immorality and violence have become commonplace in a country that has the most churches per square mile; where even the innocent is being affected because of the fact that we have normalise wrongdoing, to the detriment of our own children. Every conversation, interaction is sexualised: the music the ads, then we cry shame on them when they role-play the part, especially our girls.

A few days ago, I was both shocked and amazed at an ad that I saw on the back of a car. The wording was ‘Pantyless Ladies Edition – I don’t remember the exact date when this event was scheduled for. In the ad, there was an image of a naked woman. If this is going to be a session of entertainment, what will they be celebrating? Are the persons taking part and promoting that event parents?

Violence have also become our bosom friend – in our speech, our driving, in the lines, at the clinic hospital. In almost every business transaction, aggression and disrespect is the order of the day. Can we now understand why the ground is so fertile for us to kill each other?

Cain left the presence of God and his end was that of a murderer, even after he was admonished to do the right thing. Sin is now being celebrated, and the word out there is, nothing is wrong as long as yuh nah hurt nuh baddie. However, it is after the celebration that the disappointment, the hurt, the pain is felt. God, in His mercy, has His door still open for us to come into His presence.

For righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people!