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Spanish Town gives thumbs up to bicycle cops

Published:Thursday | March 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMRasbert Turner/Gleaner Writer
Bicycle police patrolling in the vicinity of the St Catherine Parish Court on White Church Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine. From left are constables Trevorn Richards, Monique Styles, and team leader Luton Cunningham.

Persons doing business along White Church Street and its environs in Spanish Town, St Catherine, are expressing satisfaction with the services being rendered by the police bicycle patrol.

"I feel safer with the police on patrol near the courthouse," said litigant Michael Dreary.

"I think that their presence helps with the traffic flow and general safety procedures."

Dreary's view was echoed by several other persons doing business in the area where a team of three police personnel was observed patrolling in the vicinity of Emancipation Square.

"We want them as they can go into small spaces and still can move faster to some scenes. We really need them as the crimes are almost at the doorsteps," said Melvin Williams.

Constable Luton Cunningham, who was leading the bicycle patrol, said the team, which was revamped in September, has been assisting with traffic control and general policing.

"The patrol has prosecuted a number of undisciplined motorists. We are first responders. We patrol the shopping centres, the hospital, and the market district," Cunningham said.

Woman Constable Monique Styles said she enjoys the work in the unit as it helps her to interface with the public on a wider basis because of the nature of her duties.

At the same time, while business operators endorsed the work of the men and women on pedals, others want more.

"I would love to see them working at night as the team moves quiet and can move without being easily detected. In fact, I think that detectives should work undercover on bicycles, too," said Mark Thelwell.

Senior Superintendent Beau Rigabie said that with all the challenges in the St Catherine North Division, the bicycle team complements the work of the other formations.