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Chuck commits to making legal system best in region

Published:Sunday | September 23, 2018 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes’ goal of making Jamaica’s legal system the best in the Caribbean in the next three years, and among the best in the world by 2024, has the backing of Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck, who yesterday made a public commitment to provide the requisite support.

“From the Ministry of Justice stand point, we will give full support to you, Chief Justice, in ensuring that your goal to make Jamaica the best in three years and one of the best in the world in six years, that you get not only adequate resources but the full support from the executive to achieve those goals,” Chuck told the annual Assize Service to mark the opening session of the Michaelmas Term of the Supreme Court.


Sykes, in his remarks at the function held at the East Queen Street Baptist Church at 25 East Queen Street, downtown Kingston, had declared that the judiciary was committed to achieving these milestones which require the help of all well-thinking Jamaicans.

Using the example of Adam and Eve, who after pleading guilty to breaching God’s orders - as recounted in the Book of Genesis, were convicted, punished and ultimately received mercy, Sykes cited this as a template worthy of emulation by Jamaica. He  emphasised the sequence of events that allowed for justice to be delivered.

“Justice followed and they got what they deserved based on what they had said with full knowledge of the consequences of their actions… . They received mercy after pleading guilty. Mercy comes after establishing guilt and consequences. So I want us to note  truth was established in the Garden of Eden before punishment was administered and truth and justice therefore are inseparable to each other. Without truth, there cannot be justice and... . So I am making a call for us to speak truthfully so that justice can be done.”

Judges and lawyers are committed to finding out the truth but need the help of all Jamaicans, the chief justice pointed. However they need help of all Jamaicans who can make a big difference by doing simple things such as turning out for jury duty when summoned, reporting crime and co-operating with law enforcement officers.