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No politics in distribution of Christmas benefits, McKenzie urges councillors

Published:Saturday | December 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist

Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie has urged councillors not to be swayed by political affiliation when distributing Christmas benefits.

Speaking at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in St Ann's Bay last Friday night, McKenzie also urged Jamaicans in general to be kind at Christmas.

"Ensure that no political consideration comes into your distribution of scarce benefits to the people who need it. We must never, at any time at all, and especially during the Christmas season, allow our efforts to be coloured by any partisan politics," McKenzie told the councillors who had turned out at the event.

"I want to challenge you to reach out, not just to who you know, but those who really, really are in need. I want the local authorities, not just here in St Ann, to remember those who are living on the streets of our various communities, those who can't afford to go to the shelter, ensure that you find them wherever they are and provide for them," added McKenzie.

He argued that Christmas is a time for giving, a time to go beyond the norm and extend the privilege that you have to the many who will never have.




"And to those of you here tonight who are not elected representatives, you in your own right can also extend a hand of friendship. Remember your neighbour. Let us not be selfish during this holy season, let us spread the love. Let us spread the joy."

And in spreading the joy, McKenzie announced that he has made an additional provision to furnish the two houses that his ministry has built for two indigents in St Ann.

"We're going to be providing additional funding of an additional $300,000 to help to furnish both houses so that the persons who are benefiting from these two units will not just have a roof over their heads, but will have a bed, a stove, a refrigerator," said McKenzie.

"Christmas is not just about the fun, it is about sharing, and it is because God shared his Son with us, so it is only fair that we too should give something in return," added McKenzie.