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Everything must go so everything can grow, says Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts

Published:Thursday | January 3, 2019 | 12:00 AMShanna kaye Monteith

Shoppers are happy whenever they see a sign that reads Everything Must Go posted outside their favourite stores.

 But truth is, stores don’t normally have grand sale on items because they want to impress their customers, but because they have to get rid of everything to make space for their new inventory.

This was the foundation on which daughter of the renowned minister, T.D Jakes, Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts based one of her sermons.

“What if we as believers started to treat our lives with that same level of philosophy that we’d look within ourselves and say ‘everything must go’ that is no longer profitable, so that that which is, can come in?

“How much powerful we would be if we looked at our bitterness and say ‘no, you cannot stay because you’re taking up place where my joy can be’, at our misery, and say, ‘you’re taking space where my purpose should be’, ‘depression, you can’t stay because joy must be put in your place’?

“You’ve got to make room,” she said, adding that ‘Everything must go’ is a mindset that every Christian who seeks elevation should have.

Jakes-Roberts, who was addressing the congregation at one of Elevation Church branches in the United States, explained that God creates situations and scenarios that force His people to put that which is no longer profitable ‘on sale’ so that it can be stripped away to make room for that which is.

“Everything that has no value for what He wants to do in our lives must go. As we filter through our lives, memories and emotions, we will realise that we picked up some habits, patterns and thoughts that we shouldn’t have and we can’t advance to the next season until we clean out what’s back there.”

Everything must go so everything can grow.

“God is saying that if He doesn’t move from where you’re used to seeing Him, then you will become one of those complacent church goers and He can’t allow that to happen because He has called you to be a Kingdom Agent. God is saying that you were depending on faith in one arena; that you thought your help came from a job, not recognising that He is going to be your provider and so He stripped the job away so you can see that man doesn’t have to write you a cheque, because He will make a way for you to make it anyway,” she preached.

The anointed woman explained that God has to move people out of your life because you were beginning to worship them, and He needed you to know that at the end of the day if all you have is Him, then that’s more than enough.

According to her, “Everything must go: every hate, every doubt, every fear, every insecurity, tell depression to loosen your mind!

“Did you know that you have the authority to say, ‘Devil I’ve had enough. You can’t have me any longer because who the Son has set free is free indeed!’

“Take authority over your mind and situation, over your children, family and marriage in the name of Jesus. He gave you power and authority. Tell it it’s got to go because you’re ready to grow,” she ended.

The full sermon is available on YouTube.