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Little People Big Moves | Albert Alexander High on Life

Published:Saturday | February 2, 2019 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Albert Alexander rides his bicycle.
Albert Alexander



Visit any local community party or major event outside of the parish and you may just find a man who is shorter than the average, creating a buzz on the dance floor and having a good time, unbothered by the spotlight.

Albert Alexander has a sharp tongue but a mellow vibe that makes him admired by most.

He also has quite an interesting story for why he thinks he was born this short.

“My mother used to tell me that I was ‘marked off’ a show. She said she and my father went to watch a show (movie) when she was pregnant and in the show there was a ‘shortie’ like me. He was killed in the movie and my mother cried out ‘oh God’ and my father told her that the baby would come short,” Alexander explained.

Outside of the reasons behind his anatomical structure, Alexander said his mother, before her passing, always offered him words of motivation and encouragement, but more so, she lived what she preached.

“Me grow up come see me mother and father a juggle. That’s how we grew up… Them used to sell things at school gates and we grow up come see the hustle and know that hard work is a must. I and I do everything and anything, do my little farming, landscaping and when things slow, me go sell june plum at school gate. My parents always do what they had to do to take care of us as children, so is a policy, we have to do the same thing for our youths,” he said.

Alexander added: “I do everything for myself. I mother and father gone so I have to do what I have to do… If me cyan reach something, me hold a ladder. You can’t wash and cook like me, me a tell you.”

The 43-year-old father of two children aged 27 and 18, Alexander said he has been a landscaper for years, but he will do anything legal to make life for himself and his family.

“Right now, I would love a loan so I could get two cow calves and some chicken to really boost me thing and step up the thing,” he noted.

The Jack of all trades said there will always be negative people around, but he has never allowed them to feel as though he is inferior and they are superior.

“I have never allowed my height to get in the way of me doing something, I never curse I shortness, and me very fiery so people know I don’t tolerate any form of disrespect…When I see some youth a behave like them more than life and a hype off what them have, I just shake my head because life soon catch up on them. Me just a try live my life to the best of my ability before my time come,” Alexander said.