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Termario Daniels impacting youth in his community

Published:Thursday | October 20, 2022 | 12:06 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Termario Daniels.
Termario Daniels.

Termario Daniels is only 22, but his volume of work and community involvement mirrors that of someone much older.

The former youth parliamentarian, who represented Clarendon Central in last year’s sitting as a young member of parliament, has been extending himself by getting involved in several service organisations.

Among the organisations he has been a part of over the years are Young Jamaica; Caribbean Regional Youth Council; uMbre Movement Ja - a non-profit organisation that seeks to give a voice for males by providing representation on issues that affect them, along with empowerment to enable them to contribute productively to the society - and Live Love Laugh Youth Foundation.

Through Live Love Laugh Youth Foundation, a youth-led organisation, he has been assisting with the creation of opportunities that bring about meaningful improvement for children, youth, senior citizens and the less fortunate from vulnerable communities.

With initiatives such as peace-building, empowerment, employment opportunities, educational assistance, advocacy, self-development, counselling and mentorship, Daniels is exactly where he wants to be.

Daniels, who started his career with G2K (Generation 2000) as a vice-president of The Mico chapter of the Jamaica Labour Party affiliate, attended The Mico University College and is now a math teacher at Lennon High School in Mocho, Clarendon, as well as a digital literacy lecturer at the Caribbean School of Data.

Sharing about his passion for volunteerism, he said that his schedule is “one of the most haphazard things known to man”, as he tries to balance his nine-to-five with what he loves best.

“There are times where I will have to take a day from work when I volunteer with these organisations. There are also situations when I try to do most things online, so it’s easier for me to capitalise on all the organisations that I work with,” he explained.

Community-wise, the impact is far-reaching as Daniels said he tries to be as diverse as possible so that he can assist the youth with their academic pursuits as a math teacher.

“There are times when they will even come to my home, where I tutor them. I am a firm believer that people are our greatest resource, and we should be able to capitalise and utilise our skills to benefit everyone else that surrounds us,” are his impassioned words.

Volunteering his first love

With his main domain being education, Daniels said that is where he tries to focus most of his volunteerism. Daniels, in continuing to share about what is near and dear to his heart, said while he has to push himself sometimes to do his nine-to-five, he is always excited and ready when it comes to volunteering.

Looking ahead, Daniels said he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, as every time he thinks on the impact that he is creating as a volunteer and the reaction on the faces of persons whose lives he has touched, it gives him an extraordinary feeling.

Rajae Lewis, founder of Live Love Laugh Foundation, commenting on how Daniels has been changing lives in the communities his foundation serves, said he is awed by his energy.

“He has been making a lot of impact on both young and senior citizens delivering packages. He is very patient with them and he has a high energy, always ready and willing,” he said.

Lewis also shared that Daniels’ math classes are helping to turn things around for some of the young people who were struggling with the subject.

“He is definitely one of those persons who is working below the radar with far-reaching impact,” Lewis said.