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GoodHeart | Supreme Heroes receive grants to fund Labour Day projects

Published:Saturday | May 25, 2024 | 12:10 AM
Volunteers, supported by the Supreme Ventures Foundation’s ‘Supreme Heroes’ programme, refreshed the Rose Heights Community Centre in St James for their Labour Day project.
Volunteers, supported by the Supreme Ventures Foundation’s ‘Supreme Heroes’ programme, refreshed the Rose Heights Community Centre in St James for their Labour Day project.

Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF), the philanthropic arm of Supreme Ventures Limited, orchestrated its Labour Day initiative that centred around empowering past participants of its Supreme Heroes programme. This year, each of the seven Supreme Heroes received a grant of $100,000 to support their community projects. Dedicated volunteers from the Supreme Ventures family joined in on their Labour Day activities, spanning across various communities on the island including St James, St Catherine, Kingston, and St. Andrew.

The activity also engaged members of the Kiwanis Club of Central Portmore and the National Reggae Boyz team, reflecting a longstanding relationship between SVF, the Jamaica Football Federation, and the Jamaica Premier League.

The Supreme Heroes programme, initiated in 2019 is an innovative outreach initiative powered by SVF that identifies and supports unsung heroes across Jamaica. These heroes are individuals who use the limited resources from their small businesses to provide invaluable assistance to those in need within their communities.

Heather Goldson, SVF director, shared her thoughts on the importance of this initiative and its wider impact beyond Labour Day.

“The Supreme Heroes Programme embodies the spirit of community and resilience that is at the heart of the Supreme Ventures Foundation. By supporting these remarkable individuals, we not only uplift their efforts but also inspire others to contribute to the greater good. This Labour Day initiative is more than just a one-day event; it is a testament to the enduring power of collaboration and the profound impact that dedicated community service can have,” shared Heather Goldson.

Jennifer Brown, affectionately known as ‘Miss Jenny’, is the programme’s inaugural winner. As a mother to many in her community, she recently established the Miss Jenny Learning Centre as a haven for education, support and prosperity for residents of Norwood, St James, thanks to funding from the Supreme Ventures Foundation. Miss Jenny’s personal experience is part of her drive and motivation to pour into her community.

She shared, “I myself am a single mother with six children. I lost one of my sons to gang violence. I strongly believe if I had somewhere to leave my son, somewhere that would pour into him and help educate him, it would have helped him to be more grounded and kept him safe. Because of that experience I wanted to, beyond just having my shop, make sure I created a space that would be a positive influence and impact on my community.” She continued, “Thank you to SVF for investing in me, believing in me and my community. Don’t stop what you’re doing because there are other ‘Miss Jennys’ out there somewhere who just want to have the opportunity to help her community to shine.”

Anesha Miller, winner of the programme’s second cohort, is a pillar of positive change in the community of Gordon Town and the wider Papine area. She shared her gratitude for the SVF’s support and how it’s benefited herself and her community. “I would like to commend and express my sincere gratitude to the Supreme Ventures Foundation for all the good work they have been doing in my community and in Jamaica. I really appreciate the support and the fact that it’s not about middle class and upper class, but everyone – they help small business owners like myself to grow in this community. I studied Business in school but I didn’t get the chance to complete my studies, but the education and classes the Foundation gave me really helped and since then I have gotten more exposure, and now I am setting up to open a second location. I am also a retailer for Supreme Ventures, so thank you for employing me, they have definitely helped me to see my way out.”