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Edge Control with Kadii Pinks Designs

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie

There are many different techniques associated with transitioning from processed to natural hair. The brave souls among us will opt for the big chop to dive head first into their natural hair journey. For the rest, growing out the processed ends is a little less gut wrenching and gives more time to commit to the decision.


Eureka Moment


Kadine Ramsay, owner of Kadii Pinks Designs, knows exactly how it feels to not be confident with natural hair in its early stages. After searching high and low to find ways to cope with it, she experienced her very own eureka moment, and created her own natural hair accessory line.

The 22-year-old entrepreneur, created Kadii Pinks Designs in 2017 shortly after she did the 'big chop'.

"My hair was around two inches and I didn't like it. It could not go in one or anything. I wanted something to push back the edges and give me a stylish little afro," explained the energetic creative. Her designs initiated several enquires which gave her the idea to develop a business from the headbands.

From her observation, the majority of beauty supply stores across the island, import the various headbands and other hair accessories.

"You can go to any pharmacy or beauty store and find the international hair brand 'Goodie'. Why are there no local brands in our own stores that are of better quality and fit when compared to the international brands?" asked Ramsay.

With this new vision, Ramsay bought her very own sewing machine, acquired the fabric and got to work. In the beginning, she experienced numerous trial and errors, as she worked overtime to discover the right techniques and quality fabric to create her product.

"I started using cotton, but realised cotton reduces moisture from the hair. Now I use a stretched satin base material that is relatively as soft as the cotton," said Ramsay who has no special training and prides herself on being 100% self taught through the aid of a few Youtube tutorials.

Her headband line is filled with a variety of styles and designs ranging from bright neon colours to subtle two tone styles enhanced with bows, rings and eyelets.

"It is comfortable and can be customised to the colour and style that you want. Persons can even request the width and material of the headbands," said Ramsay.

Her goal is to create a company that will help women fall in love with their natural hair through accessories.

"I love natural hair and I want to see more accessories for natural hair on the market," she said. "I also want to use this company to give back to the less fortunate through projects that will impact the country," she continued.

To own your very own Kadii Pink Designs hair accessory, visit @kayks18 on instagram or call (876) 870-1477 for more information.