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First legal purchase of Cannabis in Ja

Published:Thursday | March 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Gloria Palomino shows off the first to legal purchase of medical Cannabis in Jamaica.
Gloria Palomino receiving her prescription from Dr Uma Dhanabalan.

Gloria Palomino was the first Jamaican woman to receive a recommendation by Dr Uma Dhanabalan and Dr Shantell Neely-James to legally purchase Cannabis in Jamaica.

At the opening of the first legal dispensary in Jamaica, Palomino purchased her hemp pills, telling Living that for a long time, she has been taking medication to treat joint pain, and arthritis pain caused by lupus, but has yet to gain any long-term relief. “I don’t want to be taking medication forever,” says Palomino as she expressed her need to find something more natural.

The Cannabis plant can be used to offer therapeutic relief for many illnesses such as glaucoma, chronic pains, muscle spasms, and cancer.

Under the guidelines for the dispensing of medical marijuana in Jamaica, individuals must be recommended by a doctor before they can make a purchase. This is one of the special offerings of the Kaya Herbhouse in St Ann, where there is a doctor available every day to make recommendations.

Palomino hopes that her new medication will, over time, give her the relief she desires.