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Perreira: World Cup hopefuls smart to invite West Indies players

Published:Tuesday | May 28, 2024 | 12:14 AMOrane Buchanan/Staff Reporter
Former West Indies player Dwayne Bravo.
Former West Indies player Dwayne Bravo.
Kieron Pollard.
Kieron Pollard.
Phil Simmons
Phil Simmons

WEST INDIES past players and coaches helping other teams hoping for an advantage in the Caribbean and the United States when the Men’s T20 World Cup begins next month must not be seen as traitors, says noted sports analyst and commentator Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira.

Teammates Kieron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo from West Indies’ 2012 and 2016 title-winning World Cup teams will serve as batting and bowling consultants for England and Afghanistan respectively, while head coach of 2016 winning team Phil Simmons will serve as assistant coach for Papua New Guinea.

“It’s a move by the various teams to improve their coaching staff and since they’re not involved in the West Indies set-up, then they’re free to offer their skills and knowledge to the other countries. It’s not a sell-out or betrayal and I feel like one of them could have been pulled into the West Indies backroom staff,” Perreira stated

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will bowl off on June 1 with the West Indies opening their account on day two against minnows Papua New Guinea. According to Perreira, while all the selections are good choices, he thinks Pollard to England is the pick of the lot.

“If you look at the lineups for the various teams, you’ll have to feel that Pollard will start as the person whose team could go furthest. However, the selection of Bravo to Afghanistan is a very clever one because they’re one of the dark horses and will enjoy the conditions in Trinidad, Guyana and even in St Lucia.

Phil Simmons, Perreira says, will have to try and get the best out of Papua New Guinea as they have no real track record.

“The West Indies would need their run rate to be excellent out of this their opening game and it will be interesting how that game will go,” said Perreira.

Former Jamaica and West Indies fast bowler Darren Powell said there should be a sense of pride that expertise within the Caribbean is being sought all over the world.

“I must say congratulations to the three gentlemen on picking up offers from the respective countries to apply their skills. It’s good for us as a Caribbean people for others to identify our special talents in a bid to encourage and elevate their game,” said Powell.

According to Powell, motivating players will be key for the West Indian coaches.

“It will come down to the nucleus of players that you have and how best they adhere to the instructions given. Also it will depend on how best you can motivate and get them to excel in their game,” Powell said of three coaches.