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Learn to bless thyself everyday

Published:Sunday | March 26, 2023 | 12:50 AM

We wish others happiness, love, health, and success, and others also have similar good wishes for us, but how about having good wishes for self? If others have good wishes for us but we do not have the same for self, we will not easily attain success in our tasks.

Good wishes or blessings are powerful and high-quality thoughts and words that inspire the same kind of actions. The higher the quality of our thinking, the more peace, happiness, and success we can experience. Merely wanting to be happy will not make us happy. It requires effort, certain discipline, and bringing newness within the self. If you continue to think and live in your old ways, your experiences will remain the same – you cannot expect to be happier than before. Other people may bless you -, “may you have health, wealth and prosperity all your life”- but if your way of thinking and living do not change, life will remain the same as before.

Many of us may have experienced what happens when our mood is not right. We do not speak to anyone and sulk in a corner. Our family or friends try to cheer us up, pointing out what a nice day it is, and suggest that we go out with them. But we rebuff their entreaties, telling them to leave us alone. If we do not want to cheer up, no one can do it for us however much they try. Their encouraging words can create a positive atmosphere that may help you, but ultimately, you have to change your way of thinking for your mood to change. Similarly, blessings from others will not give you health and happiness if you do not change your life.

We can check what the quality of our thoughts throughout the day are. We often make sure that our face and dress are in order so that we are presentable. We take care that our house is neat and clean. But we fail to check our state of mind, which is most important, because even when everything outside is perfect, we will not feel happy if the mind is upset.

Let’s start blessing ourselves – that we will keep our thoughts and vibrations high. All that we think, speak, and do creates our energy field, which, in turn, affects our thoughts and behaviour. When we pay attention to keep our thoughts pure and powerful, the quality of our vibrations are steadily enhanced. Then happiness, health, and harmonious relationships are easily experienced. It is vital to keep our vibrations powerful in order not to be affected by external negativities. These vibrations act as invisible shields that protect us from low influences. Now is the time to bless thyself in the true sense instead of simply saying “Blessings” or “Bless you”.

- Courtesy: Rajyoga Meditation Center, Kingston (meditation courses and counselling are offered free of charge). Email: Or follow them on Instagram: rajyoga_meditation_jamaica