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Frisky Benty Biscuit imparts importance of obedience

Published:Sunday | March 19, 2023 | 1:14 AM
Book cover
Book cover

Frisky Benty Biscuit is a children’s book in which the main character, Biscuit, a cat, demonstrates his determination when pursuing his prey. Despite failing on previous attempts, he remains persistent in his quest and is not deterred. The book contains language that is easily understood to support and encourage reading in young children.

The book is colourful and is designed in a manner that will allow young children to understand the concept of the book by the utilisation of the concise illustrations. The target audience is grown-ups as well as children between the ages of four and10. It is an ideal book for an adult to read to a child and to read together with a child.

Frisky Benty Biscuit also targets educators who are charged with the responsibility of shaping the young minds of children, using creative thinking and motivational skills.

Even though catching the big green lizard was challenging, Biscuit disobeys the instructions of his owner. “It is time to go catch my lunch,” he told them. “Biscuit, Sally went to buy treats for us and she told us to wait on her,” said Tim. “I can’t wait on her. She spends too much time at the store,” replied Biscuit. “I will be back soon,” he added.


It is critical that young children at an early age learn the value of obedience and the importance of following instructions. Society has a role to play in the development of young minds towards future contributions to the progress of our country. The book aims to impart the importance of obedience.

Not only does the book highlight the importance of obedience, but it also emphasises valuable life lessons about patience and trust. As Biscuit ran, he looked behind him to see where Biscuit was. He was not looking where he was going and hit a ripe mango. He then fell on to a branch and had to hold it with all his strength to stop himself from falling off. “This is the end of me!” he cried again as he saw Biscuit coming. “This is easier than I thought,” said Biscuit. He moved towards the lizard, but he, too, fell on to a tree branch below, causing a loud crash.

Disaster strikes for Biscuit on his hunt, and he finds himself in a situation where he needs help. Similar to the cat, disaster often strikes humans. The book depicts how he overcame the situation with the assistance and support of his caring friends. It is vital that patience be instilled in children at a young age because it will serve to benefit the child and it has the potential to influence positive thinking among children. “Let go! We will catch you. Don’t be afraid,” the children said. This demonstrates their willingness to help their friend in times of desperate need.

Biscuit did not let fear stand in the way of trusting his friends. Instead, he listened to his friends with the complete assurance that they would assist him. The book has a happy ending and will be enjoyed by young children.

The author of the book, Shauleen Williams, enjoys reading books and journal articles and strongly believes and supports the positive development of young children. She often ventures out on nature walks in the mountainous areas of Temple Hall, St Andrew.

Frisky Benty Biscuit is published by Amazon and is available on ISBN: 9798372262737.