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Published:Sunday | September 10, 2023 | 12:05 AM

Distracted state

Our lives are always distracted by someone’s agenda, in a constant barrage of he said and she said, a daily obstruction to remove productive thoughts from your head, they use natural curiosity to take you down their dirt road, off your paved lane, to share their burdens of shame they’ve been carrying that might make you insane;

Talking heads on the news, parading dysfunctional lovers and which partners they happen to choose, making millions off your views, and the money they spend, forcing you to use the little money you have, just to be part of their trend;

They try to obscure the facts by shifting your focus while they raid the barn like a plague of locusts, spreading news you cannot use, and with so many in the marketplace, it’s hard to stop them invading your space, to fulfil their agenda, and your time, already limited, goes to waste;

Always tend to what’s relevant to you, never care if what you heard about someone is fiction or true because many just speculate but really don’t have a clue, it’s just your attention that feeds their lonely hearts, with other stories in cue, waiting to be unleashed, when attention wanes, as if you have nothing better to do;

Ignore their news, and live the life you choose;

Your time is yours, and you determine if you’re going to be a winner or clutter your limited brain space with society’s gossip and refuse

Never step in another’s shoe, they know where they’re going, and it’s not about you, leave others issues to a shrink, and you’ll be more wealthier than you think,, time is money, and can disappear in a wink.

– Mark Cameron

The Last Hangman

I tied the last noose

In the days of hanging

And with one swing

I left his dark heart swinging

Now it is no more

The innocent are dying

And another murdered child

Leaves another mother crying

So murderer look me in the eye

And make sure there’s no blinking

What yu gonna do

If they resume hanging?

You kill for power

While I hang for Justice

And if you were dead

You couldn’t exact more carnage

What yu gonna do

If they resume hanging?

Dead man cannot walk

So your tools of murder

Couldn’t bark

Politicians can’t you see

That you need to do something?

Can’t you see that every day

The innocent they’re killing?

You say give you a five

I guess I’ll leave you hanging

I am The Last Hangman

I guess I’ll leave you swinging

Murderer, what you gonna do

If they resume hanging?

God is the Last Hangman

Your Judgement Day

Is coming.

– Lisa Gaye Taylor