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Published:Sunday | November 12, 2023 | 12:09 AM

Roses are black

Give me black roses

Aren’t they sexy?

You filled me with joy

Whenever I see you, my heart palpitates

Your touch is as soft as cotton

I don’t want to see you diminish

You are stronger than the others

Most times I get saturated when I see you

You are lonely, because no one sees your potential

I see your thorns

I hear your struggles

I smell your sweat

I feel your energy of not being accepted

You are hungry for success, even though you’re not in a competition

Most people choose yellow roses and white roses

I don’t want those, the more dilute you are, the more I lose interest

– Zori Atkinson


That October earthquake

Everyone up and down doing their own thing

From Westmoreland to Constant Spring

Some persons wake up without thanking God

It's all about social media and the ipod.

In all of this God Knows how to get our attention!

All over our phones and ipod it is now mention

The shaking and rumbling everyone fear

People outside shouting "you hear!"

I never felt a quake so heavy like this before

Feeling shocked I remembered to always dash under a door

Or forget pretty talk and fly unda di bed and save mi head

Thank God for protection!

It is loud and clear we need to seek your face with confession!

– Paulette Roache