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Published:Sunday | November 19, 2023 | 12:10 AM

Roy Ebanks
Roy Ebanks


I believe I’m a good person

Shorty yu know mi from when

Surely yu know I’m a good person

A long time me and yu a fren

So doan call mi Waggonist—

It’s simply a part of the psyche

Of being a Jamaican

Waggonism shouldn’t be taken personally

A simply so wi tan

When Bolt run third

Mi mout’ ketch pon ‘my’

Like why did this happen

At this point in time

Like Bolt ‘Why yu teck whe

Di whole a mi shine’

What happened to this

Dear Fairytale of mine

Like ‘Why yu stop be wi mule

After all of this time?’

A yu one run fi Country

Wid broken spine?

Yu cudn’t run wid di injury

Would dat be a crime

What happened to our dreams

Their dreams

What happened to mine?

I wanted to shout

Stop run wid teet pon necklace!

Tear off di bangle!

Elaine, yu have on too much hair

Gal! run wid di ankle!

As fi di 4X4 women

Mi waan fi join di fuss

Mi waa add a box

Fi no put yu country fuss

Mi Devil side waa sey

How so much people get cramp

At this particular time

Cause surely so much saltness

In one Championship

Really must be a sign

But den di Stadium hail di greatest

And who come fus get boo

Did not finish

And come third

Yet London Stadium

Sey a you

Usain, Thanks from a Waggonist

Be the best at what

You’re next up to do

But wait, Eh you!

No you did a cuss him

When him neva get choo

Gwey! Di whole a unu

A Waggonist too!

Lisa Gaye Taylor

First published/exhibited in JCDC’s 2023 Jamaica Creative Writing Competition

Mr Roy EBanks – Phantom

No footfalls announced his presence.

No wind betrayed his proximity.

Ebo simply materialised at the operative moment,

Saving us from anticipated sins.

At assembly, eagle-eyed he was,

Neutralizing mischief with a mere glance or a pointed finger.

Stern he was, but not forbidding,

Stories of his love, kindness, compassion abound,

Equaled only by his fights for the underdog and the defenseless.

Dean of Discipline, principal, teacher, mentor and supporter, father, friend,

We remember him with a smile, and a tear.

Rest in peace, dear Ebo.

Ezra Engling

Ardenne High School, 1972-1977