Wed | Jun 19, 2024

You are the hero!

Published:Sunday | May 19, 2024 | 12:09 AM

Each moment that passes is unique and irreplaceable. Yet, many of us take the most important asset for granted, i.e., time. ‘Today’ often doesn’t seem precious. Every day, life presents numerous opportunities to make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of others by choosing the right path. However, we often allow trivial matters to trigger negativity that ruins our present.


A significant challenge in our quest for positivity is accepting ourselves and others completely as we are now. To achieve this, we must remind ourselves that each one is on their own journey, playing their roles. Like in a drama, good and bad characters are necessary for a compelling story. Our lives are like plays on the world’s stage, and every day we choose the role we want to play. Do we want to contribute to increasing goodness in the world, or support negativity? This choice determines whether we are the hero or the villain in today’s play.

The roles we played in the past were as they were meant to be; there’s nothing wrong with them. Everything is fair and just, even if we can’t always see the whole picture. We often judge a play by a single episode, missing the full narrative. Instead of judging past roles, we should practise appreciating that everyone is doing their best and is the hero of their own story.


To make the best of today, we should see it as an opportunity to earn treasures that can’t be lost with time or death. Living today as if you are the hero, just like “the man of the match” in sports, increases the likelihood of achieving the desired result, even tomorrow. This attitude of starting each day fresh, without guilt from the past or expectations for the future, brings golden moments that can become historic in our lives.

How the world sees you is less important than how you see yourself. Stop viewing yourself as a loser. Every morning, look in the mirror and affirm, “I am the hero of my movie.” Interestingly, you are not only the actor, but also the director and producer. You direct your course of action and produce either a positive episode today or one full of negativity. Each day is a new chance to be the hero. By embracing the present openly, releasing the past, and focusing on the good, you can create a life full of positivity and purpose. Only you have the power to shape your narrative and make each moment count. In the end, the choice is yours; choose wisely.

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