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Securys data protection consultancy hub for Jamaica

Published:Sunday | February 25, 2024 | 12:05 AMNeville Graham - Sunday Business Reporter

DATA PROTECTION consultancy firm Securys is setting up an operational hub in Jamaica. The company, which is based in the United Kingdom, is set to broaden its presence in the Caribbean region with the new branch in Jamaica.

The company already has roots in Jamaica, consulting across the Caribbean for the likes of Sagicor.

Founder and principal of Securys, Ben Rapp, says the new operation will close the gap between Securys and its existing local partners by officially opening its doors at this time.

Securys, which is approaching its 10th anniversary, provides personal data protection services to a diverse roster of clients across industries, and sees this move as an opportunity for greater collaboration with Jamaican organisations at a time when data security breaches across key industries have been dominating the headlines.

Data privacy and protection refers to how organisations use, handle and protect personal information.

The new Data Protection Act took effect in December 2023. It places heavy responsibilities and the threat of exacting penalties on companies, large and small, who use or process personal data. The act mandates that there is to be an identified Data Privacy Officer who will oversee the operations of a company as it uses personal data.

A company such as Securys would consult with any company that needs the services of a Data Protection Officer but may not be in a position to take such a person in their establishment.

Rapp says with the increasing reliance on digital technology and the threats that accompany it in the modern world, “we see data protection as a fundamental human right. It’s not only the law to protect your employees’, your customers’ and your own privacy; it’s the right thing to do,” he told Sunday Business after wrapping up a series of meetings and consultations.

Rapp says Securys is initially spending J$40 million-J$50 million to set up offices with a small team of three, which will be expanded over time to about 15 as the company expands operations across the Caribbean.

“Today, we work with a handful of Jamaican clients to create practical solutions to collect, manage and protect data within the context of an ever-changing landscape. With our new local office, it’s our goal to not only expand our footprint but help more companies fortify their data protection practices and comply with the new Government of Jamaica regulations,” Rapp said.

Securys is a data protection consultancy that specialises in implementation support to organisations operating in markets with pending or new data privacy legislation. The company operates in over 50 countries globally, working across multiple sectors and with clients of all sizes, including charities.