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Hezron spends special day with his wife

Published:Thursday | October 12, 2017 | 12:00 AMMel Cooke

Hezron has never had a birthday party. It is his wife, Christine Rochester Clarke, who often has to remind him that the date is coming up - as she did ahead of last Thursday.

They planned to go out on the town, but with rain and traffic jams, it turned out to be a celebration at home. And while he does not count it among his birthday gifts, Hezron is now cleared to travel to North America and Europe, so he will soon leave Jamaica to perform for audiences some of the songs they have been hearing.

Among Hezron's singles are So in Love, Forever and Always, Taxi Driver, We Shall Find a Way, and Can't Come Between. The follow-up to his album The Life I Live, The Life I Live Continues, was released earlier this year.


Birthday in studio


The earliest hours of his birthday actually started like those of so many persons immersed in the business of Jamaican popular music - working in a recording studio.

"The morning of the birthday I was working," Hezron said, The track he was working on is Unbreakable. Still, he said, "my wife warned me before that it was my birthday," he said.

So the rest of his birthday was hers. "I just chill with my wife," Hezron told The Gleaner. Cooking was a part of the one-on-one celebration, salmon and red wine on the menu.

His birthday bonus is now being able to travel to major markets for Jamaican popular music. With visa issues resolved, Hezron is naturally looking forward to making his presence felt in places where, so far, it is his voice only that has been heard.

"I have done a few shows, but I am going to do a major tour," he said.

As The Life I Live and The Life I Live Continues form a complete set, performances are structured to present material from both, in addition to the singles.

"It was released on March 13," Hezron said of the continuation album. He plans to do a media album release party in Jamaica on October 18.

Although he is not big on large birthday celebrations, there could come a time when he plans a big get-together. Laughing, Hezron said "when I win a Grammy or something like that, I want a birthday party."