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Reggae meets motor racing at GP event in Florida

Third World for inaugural staging

Published:Sunday | April 10, 2022 | 12:12 AMSade Gardner - Staff Reporter
Reggae Ambassadors Third World.
Reggae Ambassadors Third World.

Reggae GP, headline by Third World, will be using the event to spread awareness on the initiatives of environmentalist group, Alligator Head Foundation.
Reggae GP, headline by Third World, will be using the event to spread awareness on the initiatives of environmentalist group, Alligator Head Foundation.

Reggae ambassadors Third World will headline the exclusive inaugural Reggae GP event at the Bamboo Gallery in South Florida on May 8.

The event, conceptualised by Third World member Rupert Bent III, will be an afterparty for the F1 Grand Prix Miami staging. The musician explained the connection between reggae and motor car racing.

“The impetus to get it done was based on the fact that for the first time in many years, there’s going to be a Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami and we know for last year, a lot of people left Jamaica for Austin, Texas, for that Formula 1 race,” he told The Sunday Gleaner. “We thought, here’s a great opportunity to do an afterparty centred around Third World and do a really high-end afterparty.”

Beyond his personal interest as a member of the Grammy-nominated band, Bent III said they proved the consummate entertainers for the event as they are synonymous with reggae.

“Third World is the best reggae band in the world, so that’s something,” he said. “We felt that our particular target audience would be really hip to seeing Third World in this kind of setting, so it just felt like the perfect fit.”

But there’s also a philanthropic aspect to the event, which makes Third World the right fit. Reggae GP will be using the event to spread awareness on the initiatives of environmentalist group Alligator Head Foundation, even donating part-proceeds and encouraging donations from the limited 220-patron event.

“They have a number of initiatives around clean oceans and they have a Portland marine sanctuary and they are regrowing reefs in labs and then replanting them… So, this party is about first of all, having a good time, but also taking the opportunity to support initiatives like this.”

DJ Squeeze will also form part of the entertainment roster, as well as some surprise guests. Bent added: “Because it’s so intimate, people who come to the party will be able to rub shoulders with the band, have a drink with us, and get up close and personal.”

The feeling of home will be amplified with cuisine from celebrity Jamaican chefs, Jacqui Tyson and Paul Martin Williams. As a special touch, Bent said the original brown-paper-wrapped roasted peanuts will be available, reminiscent of the experience of going to a Jamaican cultural event.

“We’re trying to make this special all-round. Bamboo Gallery itself is like a garden of orchids, and there’ll be waterfalls, firepits, little lounges that are set up, I think anybody who comes is gonna be absolutely blown away just by the experience of being there… There’s an element, I suppose, of nostalgia or what it feels like to be Jamaican in what I like to think was the nice time in Jamaica, that kind of golden era in Jamaica, and we’re trying to recreate that experience and bring back that nostalgic thing. I’ve been to a lot of parties and shows in my life and my team is trying to top all of them as an experience.”


The Reggae GP 2022 rolls out the red carpet for an ultra-exclusive, super-inclusive luxury experience to a select 220 guests looking for an unforgettable, undeniably Jamaican night of entertainment and pampering. The venue, which is located 10 minutes away from the race, and is said to be one of South Florida’s best kept secrets.

“Our guests will be presented with impeccable hospitality. Celebrated Jamaican chefs, Jacqui Tyson and Paul-Martin Williams, will be preparing a constant stream of exquisite culinary delights to please the most discerning and refined palates. Connoisseurs of fine rum and premium liquors will not be disappointed by our ultra top-shelf spirits, including our specially branded, handcrafted cocktails and a Blue Mountain Coffee bar. All will be served throughout the entire event by our professional wait staff, decked out in their Reggae GP-branded uniforms,” the organisers said.

Third World will be joined by friends, including a team of international DJs, who will keep the festivities lively before and after the performance.