Sat | Dec 2, 2023

Stormzy talks finding peace as he approaches 30

Published:Tuesday | May 30, 2023 | 1:37 AM

Stormzy has found “peace and stability” in recent years.

The chart-topping rap star believes his new-found “maturity” is reflected in his music.

The Shut Up hitmaker – who turns 30 on July 26 – told Dazed magazine: “There’s a difference in doing music at 22 and when you’re about to turn 30.

“It’s the kind of peace and stability and stillness you can only get from maturity. You lose all the nervous shivers and the anxiety; you shake it off because now you’re a grown man coming into your skin.”

Despite this, Stormzy has admitted to being unsure about his future.

He shared: “All I know is that the next chapter for me includes music, but other than that? I don’t know.

“It’s the most beautiful ‘I don’t know’ ... There’s no confusion in where I should be and who I should be. It’s like ‘God, I’m ready to do the work here on Earth, you just guide it.”

Meanwhile, Stormzy previously revealed that he embarked on an intense fitness regime in preparation for his concerts.

The rap star explained that he trained like an Olympic athlete in order to give his fans a show to remember.

He told GQ magazine: “I pride myself on having an amazing show.

“I pride myself on being a great performer. So I think, Okay, what do you have to do to do that? I go on the most intense diet and get my nutritionist in. I get my trainer in and we do intense workouts; you’d think I was training for the Olympics. And I stop smoking weed because I know that the best version of myself doesn’t smoke weed.

“I don’t think of it as discipline. It’s just easy maths in my head. This is what you need to do.”