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Fruits de la femme

Published:Wednesday | June 27, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

It's the summer now, so what could be more refreshing than fruits? Food, decided to put a little twist on the flavours by asking men this juicy question: if you could describe your woman as a fruit, which one would it be and why?

Fruit of life, as she's always there and my inspiration for growth and greatness. M.T., 34.

She would be a pineapple, because generally she is sweet, but on a bad day she real sour. C.W., 27.

A Julie mango, because of the sweet taste and when it's well ripe it is also very juicy. R.M, 40.

A pineapple, she has uniqueness in both look and taste. She's very edgy like the skin of a pineapple too. You can't just get to the sweetness so easy; you have to be sharp like a knife. B.P., 36.

That would be a strawberry. She is nice in season (in the mood), but miserable when not in season (in the mood). A.D., 22.

My woman would be a pomegranate. She has many layers to her, the hard outer skin, and complex network of seeds and pulp that represents her personality. But once you get past that, the reward of sweetness that greets you is well worth it. K.C., 32.

She is an East Indian mango. She is nicely shaped and sweet as ever. L.M., 32.

An East Indian Mango, specifically apart from being sweet she is also satisfying. R.W., 45.

I would say strawberry, the delicacy and the climate in which it is required to come out to perfection are the elements and symbols of her love and care as a human. Not to mention the outside, the vibrant beautiful red represents her refine elegance and beauty, the texture and flavors when hits the palate signifies her simple but tenacious outlook and personality which is irresistible as the fruit itself. M.W., 29.

A dragon fruit, she's unique, can be dangerous yet sweet and exotic. It's a rare find! B.B., 33

She would probably be a lychee, being unique in her own way with a bit of an acquired taste. But once you get accustomed to her it's awesome. O.W., 30

She is a star apple. She's sweet, but mean with her sweetness. G.L., 29