Thu | Aug 6, 2020

Justice system needs to change for better

Published:Monday | July 6, 2020 | 12:11 AM


The Jamaican justice system needs a change for the better because it remains unfair, unjust, and corrupt.

How can a so-called man who killed his wife by chopping her 38 times be given only 18 years in prison? And is it 18 years at hard labour? Imagine, you used a machete to chop your wife 38 times, killing her like a wolf devouring sheep, and you are still alive, facing light punishment?

Have you ever been accidentally hit on your finger with a hammer and you felt the blow, so hot and unbearable? Compare that to a machete going through your flesh, cracking your bones. Can you imagine what that woman went through before she died?

Even though that terrible incident happened two years ago, it’s still being seen as a butchering display of a precious life being lost. That man should be given a life sentence in prison for that type of murder, or he should have been given the death penalty eight days after the incident took place.

Criminals who committed serious crimes should never be given bail from the lock-ups.

Too many women are being brutally slaughtered by their spouses in this country and are being exempt from drastic castigation, all because of a corrupt justice system. If we should continue with this rotten justice system, the murderers and criminals will not think twice in carrying out their brutal assaults on us.

“Jamaicans for justice!” What does it mean in a country where we don’t have a good justice system? Let us prepare ourselves and head out on to the streets and march against this no-good justice system. Who will join me?