Tue | Nov 24, 2020

Buju Banton should not misguide Jamaicans

Published:Monday | October 26, 2020 | 12:10 AM


I am glad that Buju Banton’s daughter Jodian Myrie took to Twitter to post: “Let us all as Jamaicans play our part in flattening this curve by continuing to wear our masks and practising social distancing!” she wrote. “Follow the protocols set in place to protect not only your life, but the life of your loved ones.”

The question that still remains is, when so many persons are dying from coronavirus, how could Buju make such a statement? Most definitely, he has a whole lot of influence and some people will listen to him and be guided by his statements.


Buju has lost a lot of face value from his recent utterances. People are now chastising him for the choices he made in his life. His return to Jamaica was celebrated by us, but now he is leading the masses in the wrong direction. He needs to sit down and relax, and think what he says going forward. These are the same people who supported him wholeheartedly when he was incarcerated in the United States.

We don’t want anyone to lead us into a situation where we cannot escape from the clutches of COVID-19 and there is widespread damage.

We need role models who adhere to the laws of the land and not those who will put us in harm’s way.