Sat | Sep 23, 2023

Treat security forces with respect

Published:Monday | May 9, 2022 | 12:05 AM


I believe it was last year when an on-duty policeman was verbally abused by a young man and he did not retaliate. Instead, he handled the situation calmly. Many people, including a radio talk-show host, were talking about it, ‘bigging him up’ and praising him for displaying such a professional attitude.

One night last year, I was at the JUTC bus park in Spanish Town and several women, some of them who claimed that they were Christians, took on a group of policemen. I was shocked by the way they behaved towards the policemen. They were in the policemen’s faces, shouting at them and cursing them.

The unfortunate incident between a soldier and a pregnant woman, whom he physically abused, and also that young man, who was chased by another soldier and fatally shot, could have been avoided if manners and respect were shown to the soldiers. I am not condoning the behaviour of the soldiers; they ought to exercise self- control, no matter how hurtful the provocations or verbal abuses are. But they ought to speak to our lawmen with respect. Therefore, no charges should be laid against the JDF soldiers.

Jamaica is a very violent and immoral country, strengthened by violent music: a country in which most of the business places are playing with fire, by playing and basking in the wrong kind of music, and rejecting God, who is keeping them alive. And they don’t care; they continue doing it.

Finally, many Jamaican women have an uncontrollable temper; they are fiery, irritable, loud, ignorant, with mouths full of indecent language.They have no self-control and very bad attitudes.