Fri | Dec 1, 2023

Readers’ reactions

Published:Tuesday | July 5, 2022 | 12:06 AM

Man accused of killing family of five wants action taken for leaked video, attorney says

“I can envision how this entire case might be derailed just because of ineptitude.” – @Wilmot2Marie

“Saw this coming. This case will cause many things to be fixed with our local police stations.” – @YRialb

“Dear God. For the tireless, hard-working members of @JamaicaConstab who are being continually sabotaged by incompetent colleagues, I weep for y’all. Procedure and protocol are not being followed. Justice Sykes spoke about this and was vilified. Well, this proves he ain’t wrong.” – @4ed600cff5da438

“I fully agree that action must be taken. The released, or that video was highly inappropriate. Yes, he needs to face penalty for his crime, but the system in place must still protect his dignity as a person. We are not operating in a banana republic.” – @MACOY360

“Them ppl yah go mess around until the man free. Lone novice run Jamaican investigations.” – @ManfromWest_

“However heinous his acts may alleged be, he is still entitled to that due process.” – @LordMarescaux

“We cannot play with the justice system and expect justice.” – @AgyapongRushell

“What a way we a pet up we mass murderer. This country needs to repent! My condolences to the victims’ family, may God strengthen them.” – @RainbowPatc

“This story annoys me greatly. Why are JPs, who are not doctors, in the room where a ‘medical examination’ is being conducted on the accused. Bare slackness dem ppl yah keep up. Very unprofessional.” – @JahCess

“This person is living in a fool’s paradise or has inflated opinion of himself. No one is guilty until so found to be; but if he is guilty as charged, he should be thinking of the years he will be behind bars for his crime, instead of making money from it.” – @Anthony66372214

“One word that describes our officers of justice – incompetent. We provide proof every day that we are not ready for the big league.” – @__abioye_

“After taking five lives, I really don’t think this man deserves the same fairness/equality in treatment as anyone else. I feel like laws and contracts come with exceptions.” – @RayesWay

“If due diligence was done and the video wasn’t leaked, he wouldn’t have the leverage to do this. So we just have to deal with the consequences, as unfavourable as they are.” – @AnnFuega

“But Jamaican authorities too slack. Why would a video like that be released? And then when him walk free them have poker/shock face.” – @kareem_ej1

“What’s next, bcuz in my mind, the justice system is gonna make this one slide like a Ziploc bag! KMT!” – @chelsea_shods

“Has he confessed and shown any remorse for the murders? And why is he attention-seeking and distracting from this heinous killing by making all sorts of demands? Who does he think he is, by trying to minimise such a gruesome killing? We need to stop giving him any more publicity.” – @drcherrychin

Reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter and Instagram pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.